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Professional Lockpicking Set

Product number: PKI 9575

  • PKI-9575-Professional-Lockpicking-Set

    PKI 9575 Professional Lockpicking Set

In close co-operation with our customers and German authorities, PKI ELECTRONIC INTELLIGENCE offers this extraordinary Professional Lockpicking Set which successfully is in use by many police forces, fire brigades, intelligence departments and authorised locksmiths worldwide. Beside the supplied material, PKI ELECTRONIC INTELLIGENCE, also offers trainings and seminars in regard to every door-opening purpose. Please ask us for suitable dates. Nearly 40 years of experience in this field enabled us to offer the PKI 9575 Professional Lockpicking Set as the most complete set of professional tools and accessories for an immediate action in lock-picking tasks. But as the development in this specific field proceeds rapidly, we always improve our scope of supply in this regard and to the benefit of our customers.

1 “PARAT” Leather case1 Screw driver, 1.6 x 6 x 150mm
1 Torx-Bit TX 201 Spanning tool TR-4
1 video tape about lockpicking1 Plastic profile cylinder locker
1 Philips-bit, size 21 Spanning tool TEN-2
1 “ROCKO”-Vario-Set1 Opener for “Melchert” armatures
1 Universal holder1 Spanning tool TEN-5
1 “Zieh-Fix Premium”-set1 Needle set for door foldings
1 Connection Sk-3/8”Avk1 Spanning tool TNT-20
1 “Zieh-Fix”- set1 Lever for door foldings
1 Nut SW 17, 3/8” drive1 Opener for cross-bearded locks
1 Pulling plate for profile lockingcylinders1 Set of cards for door opening
2 Ti-drills , 1.0mm1 Flipper
1 Pulling plate for circular locking cylinders1 Square bolt, 8mm for extraction of 72 mm locks
2 Ti-drills, 3.5mm1 Window opener
1 Can of cutting and lubrication spray1 Square bolt, 10mm for extraction of 92mm locks
2 Ti-drills, 10.0 mm2 pick-needles, straight pick
1 Special screw driver TX203 Protective collar for “Zieh-Fix Premium”
1 Hook K 1-122 pick-needles, angle pick
1 T-key nut, SW 1750 Pulling screws standard
1 Hook O 1-151 Tubular-Pick Standard
1 Pointed pliers, straight50 Pulling screws extra
1 Extractor set1 “Zieh-Fix” electro incl. charger
1 Pointed pliers, cranked50 Pulling screws super
1 Pick set1 “Zieh-Fix” Novum pick needle set
1 Screw driver, 1.2x8x150mm3 Profile cylinders 30-30 mm
1 Spanning tool TR-251 Video Tape “ Electro-Picking