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Protective Suits

Product number: PKI 9300

  • PKI-9300-Protective-Suits

    PKI 9300 Protective Suits

The choice of the adequate protective clothing is determined by the different characteristics of hazardous agents and the operating conditions. Protection of these clothes is provided by styling, special fabrics, their resistance against contaminations and/or heat or coldness. PKI offers Protective Suits for numerous requirements such as chemical resistance, heat protection, underwear overalls against coldness and much more. Please let us know your requirements enabling us to issue a specifically designed offer for you.

One-way protective suitProtection class II, overall with hood, double zipper cover
ProtectionAgainst anorganic acids and caustic solutions and a large variety of organic chemicals
One-piece protective suitPolyamid fabrics, one side PVC coated
OperationFor salvage crews, can be used with compressed air breather of complete mask
Two-piece protective suitComprises jacket and overall, to be worn over normal clothing
ProtectionAgainst liquids which are self-inflammable. This clothing is meant for self-rescue and not for active fire rescue