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Silent Generator

Product number: PKI 9365

  • PKI-9365-Silent-Generator

    PKI 9365 Silent Generator

Electricity is needed always and everywhere, but frequently a mains supply is impossible. Of course, generators are also available everywhere, but our PKI 9365 Silent Generator is something special. This powerful Silent Generator with a continuous output of 3.5 kW is embedded in a sound insulation capsule so that it is almost inaudible. Its super silent, extremely compact and lightweight design allows for a very large number of special applications.

Dimensions575 x 365 x 550mm
Sound levelV7m = 54dB, 3m = 64dB, 1m = 69dB
Cooling systemHeat exchanger, water
Starter systemElectric
Remote controlVia control unit
Engine displacement298ccm
Nominal power3.8kW
Continuous output3.5kW
Voltage stability230V +/- 5%
Frequency stability50Hz / 2Hz