This product is listed in: Police, Customs and Military Equipment

Special Entry Tool

Product number: PKI 9620

This PKI 9620 low velocity, indirect acting tool is designed for police, fire fighters, military and emergency response personnel to quickly gain access through locked doors, gates, security bars, fences etc. It uses special breaching modules with drive/cutting heads that move at speeds over 60 m per second. The PKI 9620 Special Entry Tool is an indirect acting powder actuated tool which uses the expanding gases of a powder load to drive a piston rod forward. The piston rod then engages and drives a chisel or other type of object through a lock, bolt, padlock, window bar, or similar.


  • Size: with flying chisel attached 495 mm x 45 mm x 159 mm
  • Weight / tool: loaded tool with flying chisel attached 2.9 kg
  • Weight / full kit: 6,8 kg
  • Chisels and piston: forged tool steel, specially heat treated for impact stresses
  • Striking force: 13.6000 kg at chisel head with red powder loads
  • Tools: flying chisel 75 mm, boltbuster chisel 25 mm, lockbuster rod 69 mm
  • Re-cock time for next shot: less than 1 second
  • Power loads: 10 cartridges low velocity strip loads 3 (green) for training, 5 (red) for operations