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Super Probe

Product number: PKI 8155

  • PKI-8120-Super-Probe

    PKI 8120 Super Probe

This multi-stage telescopic super probe has been carefully designed to provide the extra-extended length up to 6m, yet retract to a manageable length of less than 2 metres. This allows the operators to retain good mobility on and in destructed areas or buildings. The expanded length of PKI 8155 super probe is unvaluable in large collapse areas and enables floor-by-floor searches of multistory structures. The fully extended probe functions well in either horizontal or vertical applications. The PKI 8155 Super Probe is designed for extended building collapse search operations, and is an effective tool for confined space rescue operations. The extra length allows the probe to be inserted into tanks, vaults and underground spaces to visualize and communicate with the victim without having to enter the space. The super probe can give the rescue team advanced knowledge of what they are up against with minimal risk and in many cases may facilitate the decision of how to operate in a rescue or recovery mode.

DimensionsTelescopes from 1,75 m to 6,5 m, Camera 43 mm diam.
Weight3,2 kg probe, 2,3 kg control console
Articulation travel180° total, right to left
Total area viewed260°
Control consoleHand held pistol grip, finger operated rocker switch controls for articulation
#rowspanillumination, audio gain, and push to talk quick connect display
CameraColor, ¼" CCD, 5 Lux, 380 lines, auto iris
IlluminationXenon high intensity lamp, 20 hour minimum life
Display monitor5" diagonal, flat screen LCD active matrix system status graphics - illumination intensity
audio gain, push to talk, battery reserve, camera head position in 15° increments
Auxiliary output7 pin, accessory multi-port
Video standardNTSC or PAL
Viewing distance6 m in total darkness
AudioTwo-way audio integrated speaker, microphone, headphones
TypeSealed lead-acid
Endurance3 hours continuous operation
Recharge2 hours to 90%
Weight2,7 kg
ChargerAutomatic, dual rate AC Dual voltage switchable 120/200 VAC
Operating temperature-10°C to +60°C
Storage-25°C to +60°C
Water resistanceWater resistant, not designed for submersion