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Survey Detector

Product number: PKI 8475

The PKI 8475 Survey Detector enables the detection of various types of time measuring devices such as mechanical, electromagnetic, electronic and other electronic devices based on their electrical, magnetic, acoustic and vibrating emissions.
The PKI 8475 Survey Detector is characterised by its high sensitivity and easy handling, especially in terms of design.

Dimensions (length / diameter)510 mm/ 34 mm
Weight 0,7 kg
Power supply4 x AA cells
Continuous operating time30 hours
Operating temperature range-5°C to +40°C


  • Electromagnetic time measuring devices up to 40cm distance
  • Electronic timers up to 10cm distance
  • Radio signal receiver up to 15cm distance

Inspection of:

  • Aircraft
  • RC IED or detonator with time delay
  • The objects in question
  • People search