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Thermal Lance – Complete Unit

Product number: PKI 9595

  • PKI-9595-Thermal-Lance-Complete-Unit

    PKI 9595 Thermal Lance - Complete Unit

If there is no chance to open a door with conventional tools or if this is not possible because of any special material, we recommend our PKI 9585 thermal lance. It penetrates any material like cast iron, steel, stainless steel, concrete, granite, nickel, ceramic or titanium compound as well as aluminium. The fuel rods reach a temperature of up to 5.500°C at the tip and therefore can cut, melt or liquefy the different materials indicated above. Each lance burns about 30 – 40 seconds. There is no other equipment available which is so versatile and reliable. The PKI 9595 Thermal Lance – Complete Unit contains everything in order to carry all tools with you. The application is very simple and safe, because no dangerous acetylene or high power are required. No wishes remain unfulfilled with the PKI 9595 Thermal Lance – Complete Unit.

Carrying device for fixing a 5l air tank and oxygene mounting
Belt for fixing the provided 12V battery incl. charging unit
Leather tubular for the 450mm long lances and scratch plate
Further accessories: protective goggles, ignition cable, earth cable, oxygene hose, protective gloves as well as 9 pcs. lances 6,35 x 450mm and 6 pcs. lances 9,53 x 450mm