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Universal Car Opening Kit

Product number: PKI 9700

  • PKI-9700-Universal-Car-Opening-Kit

    PKI 9700 Universal Car Opening Kit

Sometimes special operations of drug squad, intelligence services or surveillance of criminal practices require the observation of a car. In this case it is essential to open the car quick and unobtrusively. Our PKI catalogue provides a wide range of essential versions for car observation by GPS, GSM or other audio / video surveillance. If used properly no car will remain closed. The PKI 9700 universal car opening kit comprises various special car openers, window wedges, door opening spreader, window lever, pressure cushions etc. The different tools are displayed in detail on the supplied 2 CDs.

14 Top door opener
2 Window wedges 9,5 mm thick
2 Window wedges 19 mm thick
2 Window wedges, 99 + 100
1 Door spreader
2 Window lever
1 Car sleeve
2 Pressure crushions
1 Door opening lamp
2 CDs