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Miniature Thermal Imaging Camera, Mini Thermal Imaging Camera with Radio Transmitter

Product number: PKI 5135 PKI 5140

  • PKI 5135 Miniature Thermal Imaging Camera

In dark and complex places, the human eye quickly comes to its performance limit. Here, technical auxiliaries, such as thermal cameras, can visualize those things that are usually invisible to the human eye. Every body above the absolute zero radiates heat. This heat radiation is only visible for the human being from some hundred degrees on, e.g. red-hot metal. By using highest-quality sensors of the Miniature Thermal Imaging Camera, it is possible to detect this heat radiation in ordinary surroundings. Whether searching for missing persons in obscure areas, finding persons e.g. in water or observing targets in absolute darkness. The heat radiated by the target person can not be hidden on the thermal image. As only temperature differences are decisive to capture images, a thermal camera can be used for visual 24-hour monitoring independently of light, weather, etc. The target persons will always have other temperatures than the surrounding areas and can thus be detected. An early detection of excessive heat developments is no problem. Areas and machines at risk of fires are thus optimally monitored. With our PKI 5135 Miniature Thermal Imaging Camera, no wishes remain unfulfilled. Intelligent frequency hopping technology stands for bugproof digital connections. Due to digital technologies all transmissions will be absolutely interference-free.

Transmission1.2 or 2.4 GHz
Range500 m
Minimum FocusApprox. 30cm
Spectral response8µm to 14µm
Thermal sensitivity80mK (0.15°C) at +25°C
Detector384 x 288 pixels
Thermal response time7ms 
Operating temperature-15°C to +45°C, -20°C to +70°C
Dimensions45 x 45 x 70mm
Power12VDC / 3,5W
Housing IP66