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Miniature Video Repeater

Product number: PKI 5790

  • PKI-5790-Miniature-Video-Repeater

    PKI 5790 Miniature Video Repeater

Small-sized video cameras with integrated transmitters only have a limited transmission range. Wherever larger distances to receiving points have to be covered, it is necessary to use a repeater-station. Our PKI 5790 Miniature Video Repeater is the right solution for such applications. It receives the standard video signal within the 1.2GHz range and transfers this into the 2.4GHz range. With its max. output power of 4 Watts and the 18dbi directional Yagi-antenna, a max. distance of up to 20km (depending on surrounding conditions) is possible.The PKI 5790 Miniature Video Repeater especially has been developed for disguised purposes, and its smallest dimensions are perfect for any mobile operation. Power supply of the PKI 5790 system is provided by a separate 12V rechargeable battery and/or mains adapter/charger. For the reception of the signals we recommend our PKI 5550 A/V Receiver/Recorder.

Outgoing-2.4GHz-range, (other frequencies - like 1.3GHz to 2.6GHz - are available upon request)
Max. transmission rangeUp to 20km (depending on surrounding conditions)
Max. output powerUp to 4 Watts
Antenna DirectionalYagi-Antenna, 18dbi gain
Power supply12VDC rechargeable battery and/or mains adapter/charger
DimensionsApprox. 135 x 60 x 40mm
WeightApprox. 400g