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Night Vision Binoculars

Product number: PKI 5350

  • PKI-5350-Night-Vision-Binoculars

    PKI 5350 Night Vision Binoculars

For lengthy night visions surveillances it is advisable to use night vision binoculars, because at longer surveillance operations the use of a monocular would be exhausting for your eye. The PKI 5350 is one of the best night vision binoculars with an image intensifier tube of the 1st generation. It is rare to find something comparable, where design and easy handling have been combined so perfectly. The PKI 5350 Night Vision Binoculars features an integrated infrared light which can be switched on additionally at low light conditions. It is especially useful for security agencies, hunters, nature lovers or private ship-owners. The PKI 5350 is equipped with automatic ON/OFF function and can be controlled via three buttons.

Power supply2x 3V batteries
Magnification5 times
Lens90mm / F 1.7
Angle of view20°
Diopter adjustment-5 to +5
Dimensions225 x 150 x 62mm