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Nightvision and Thermal Imaging System

Product number: PKI 5200

  • PKI-5200-Nightvision-and-Thermal-Imaging-System

    PKI 5200 Nightvision and Thermal Imaging System

The PKI 5200 Nightvision and Thermal Imaging System is an easy to use, handheld device for direct observations by means of an uncooled thermal imaging system. It provides „round-theclock“ observation, monitoring and security for any military, paramilitary, police or civilian application. Not only problematic areas like border fences, buildings and industrial sites can be surveyed but also hidden objects in cars, cases etc. It also detects human traces like foot- and fingerprints as well as overheating and fires, before flames and smoke become visible. This makes it the ideal, costeffective, warning device for any monitoring task. The PKI 5200 Nightvision and Thermal Imaging System is an integrated electro- optical system incorporating a microbolometric IR camera for night-vision and a CCD camera for daylight use into a highly affordable unit for monitoring any sensitive location or observing potential trouble spots. The PKI 5200 Nightvision and Thermal Imaging System can be fixed to a solid base at a particular observation point and being connected via optical fiber or wireless link for remote display and centralized control by the operator situated at a safe distance. Vehicle mounting for mobile reconnaissance also is possible.

A) Thermal Imaging part
Detector type FPA (Focal Plane Array) uncooled microbolometer (amorphous silicon or vanadium oxide)
Transmission (hard carbon exterior coating) 81 % (8-12 µm average)
Control operation AGC, focus (manual) contrast, on/off, video polarity, NUC
Spectral range 8 – 12 µm
Resolution 320 x 240 pixels
Focal length 100 mm
F# 1
Field of view 8.45°H x 6.33° V
Video output CCIR or RS 170
Remote control RS 422 or RS 232
Operating voltage 12 V nominal
NETD < 100° mK
Detection range (human being) better than 800 m
Recognition range (human being) better than 300 m
B) Video camera part
Sensor CCD
Pixels 768 x 494
Optics F 1.4 / 50 mm
Field of view 5.6° H x 4.2° V
Detection range better than 2.500 m
Recognition range better than 1.000 m
Modular options optimised to applications
Remotely controlled
Easy installation
Built-in "Go/No Go" Tester