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Number Plate Recognition Camera

Product number: PKI 5635

  • PKI-5635-Number-Plate-Recognition-Camera

    PKI 5635 Number Plate Recognition Camera

This PKI 5635 high speed Number Plate Recognition Camera captures every number plate of cars passing by at a speed of 60fps (frames per second) completely independently from the illumination conditions. This is absolutely unnoticeable for drivers, as the IR illuminator works at an invisible 850nm IR bandwidth with 2000W light power. Effective range of number plate capturing is up to 15 meters. The PKI 5635 Number Plate Recognition Camera is ideal for various applications, such as traffic surveys, vehicle access control, private car parkings, airports, harbours, law enforcement automation, transit traffic monitoring, vehicle entrance admission, speed enforcement, etc. The compatible software for data storage resp. filing can be offered upon request.

Dimensions155 x 155 x 124 mm
Weight3.2 kg
Operation temperature-20°C to +50°C
Power consumption24V AC / 20W
Digital IR-Camera
Resolution752 x 480 pixels
Image processing speed60 frames/sec at full image size
Shutter time1/100 to 1/30000 sec. adjustable gain
Communication interfaceEthernet UDP/IP or USB
Image sensorHigh speed and ultra sensible, CMOS monochrome WideVGA
Pixel size6µm x 6 µm
Dynamic rangeUp to 100 dB
Built-in motion detection, integrated flush memory, real time clock,
IP class 67