This product is listed in: Video and Night Vision Systems

Remote Control and Video Surveillance Unit

Product number: PKI 5895

PKI 5895 is a Remote Control and Video Surveillance Unit designed to play back and receive video data using video exploration equipment. The Remote Control and Video Surveillance Unit developed by our technical department offers the following features: Joystick, buttons for unit control, audio/video output for connection of an external monitor, frequency channel switch, battery charge status of the mobile unit, selection of highlights – LED (white) or infrared, flexible spring antennas, as well as standardised components such as on/off button, etc. Via the Remote Control and Video Surveillance Unit, PKI 5895 is able to transmit the following commands to the mobile unit: On/Off, control of movement, reception of video data, listening to video data from the microphone of the mobile unit either via headphones or built-in speakers, control of devices built into the platform, battery level indication, selection of frequency channels and highlighting of control.

Frequency rangeVideo image (digital) 1300 - 1400MHz, Video image (analogue) 1110 - 1230MHz
Remote control frequency917MHz
Power supplyDigital wireless: Li-PO, analogue wireless Li-Ion
Time of continuous operationNot less than 240 minutes
Dimensions271 x 163 x 77mm