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Submarine Video Camera

Product number: PKI 5900

  • PKI 5900 Submarine Video Camera

The PKI 5900 Submarine Video Camera conducts searches with actual underwater views without sending a diver into a potential dangerous situation. Up to a maximum depth of approx. 20 meters this selfcontained video system can be used for location and study of suspicious objects and areas. The built-in 1/4 inch colour camera together with 2 integrated ballasts guarantee for a stable and clear picture of the area to be examined. The video signal as well as power supply for the Camera are transferred by only one cable between camera and receiving unit. At receiving site a 7″ TFT LCD display provides the picture of the inspected area. A socket for recording devices is implemented.

The complete set of the Submarine Video Camera consists:

  • Colour camera with sealed housing and ballasts
  • 7″ TFT colour display
  • Sunshade for the display
  • Battery and A/C-Adapter
  • Protective aluminium storage case with inlays
  • 20 m cable for video signal and power supply for the camera
Camera1/4" high resolution CCD colour camera, 420 TV lines
Cable lengthApprox. 20m
Display7" TFT LCD colour
Power supply12 VDC operation with rechargeable battery with charge cord and AC/DC adaptor for the display
DimensionsStorage case 60 x 40 x 20cm
Hermetically sealed
Diving depth up to 20m
Colour CCD image sensor
7" TFT LCD monitor