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UAV Hybrid Drone

Product number: PKI 5775

The PKI 5775 UAV Hybrid Drone offers the ultimate solution for air surveillance. The flight time is 60 minutes, a runway is not necessary. After the vertical take-off a transition to the gliding flight mode is possible. With this combination option, operations for rescue searches, border controls, railway and road inspections, power line checks. infrastructure etc. by the PKI 5775 UAV Hybrid Drone are easy to manage.

DimensionsLength 130cm, wingspan 230cm
MaterialFibreglass, Kevlar
Motors4 vertical motors, 1 horizontal motor
CamerasDual camera with 20x optical zoom,
High performance thermal imaging camera 640 x 480
Video range500m, optional up to 10km
Data securityEncrypted in AES 256
Power supplyLi-Ion Battery
MiscellaneousThe high-precision RGB camera coupled with RTK enables centimeter-accurate, fast and powerful Photogrammetry