This product is listed in: Audio Surveillance Equipment

Intelligente Open-Source Software

Product number: PKI 2695

PKI 2695 is the right tool to track modern security strategy and monitor revolutionary uprisings, violent protests, widespread unrest, international criminal activity, uncontrolled money movements, social networks as well as dark web. PKI 2695 is exclusively for intelligence surveillance, law enforcement and intelligence gathering. The PKI 2695 software enables easy searching of the dark web for data based on keywords, complete phrases, usernames etc. PKI’s own IMSI catchers and passive listening systems can all be integrated to provide real-time information on the whereabouts of a specific mobile phone MSIDN or IMSI number. The use of facial recognition capabilities for profiling and full identities is also possible with PKI 2695.

Search by word, hashtag, phrase or geographic location on the map.
Search by user name or mentioned user name
Search by attitude: happy, sad correspondent, by language, question mark and many more
Search by location, either by name or by point and radius
Filter and analyse the results in different ways
Search for images, video or text
Big data analysis is used to reveal information patterns and irregularities
Reversal capabilities:
Relationship map and lists of all mutual connections from different networks
Tag cloud for dominant keywords and hashtag
Map display of results
Export to report or importable data formats
Tracking of important results
Create automatic, continuous monitors based on users, shortcuts and locations
Customised search model (email, UID, user ID)
Search for people by email, phone or username on various social networks, including Telegram, Whatsapp
Facebook, Truecaller, LinkIn, Twitter and others.
Analysis of the data provided and delivery of reports on the person, places, occupations, date of birth, education
interests, etc.