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Confidential Audio Listening System

Product number: PKI 2500

Confidential audio information is indispensable for recording evidence. The higher the quality filtered out, the more successful. The PKI 2500 Confidential Audio Listening System is suitable for use on the road and in the field. This easy-to-use audio EQ and filtering system is designed for forensically confidential audio information. The PKI 2500 Confidential Audio Listening System uses advanced audio/DSP filtering algorithms with a very intelligent user interface. In fact, it allows even untrained and non-technical people to improve the intelligibility of conversations and voice recordings.

The PKI 2500 System also has fully automatic, interactive logging capabilities that allow the user to reproduce the exact filter settings from any point in the past. Last but not least, it is possible to create a report file with scientific notation of the filter parameters and a screenshot that can be added to a case file or given to a lawyer, for example. Models can be easily shared between departments or even agencies. The PKI 2500 Confidential Audio Listening System is also very well suited for audio playback in court. The quality of the audio facilities found in these locations can vary from place to place. With the PKI 2500 System, this problem is a thing of the past. It is easy, very fast and safe to set up. This results in a very compliant and consistent presentation of evidential audio.

High-performance filtering in real time
Complete ready to use solutions
Professional connection panel with suspension including common adapter cables
Extremely simple user interface via touch screen
Integrated headphone amplifier
Two dedicated Beyerdynamic headphones with intregrated limiter
Two high-quality active loudspeakers, selected for very precise and analytical listening
Volume control of the on-screen speakers
Intregated DSP-driven speaker limiter
Input selector switch for digital USB input and analogue inputs
Boost & Autolevel functions
Left only, right only and stereo listening modes
Separate recording and speaker outputs
On-screen input and output metering
Factory settings and user presets
Rugged lightweight solution for mobile use
Durable carrying case for speaker and monitor