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Automated Voice Biometric System

Product number: PKI 2810

The human voice is a unique feature that is useful in biometric identification in a wide range of both government and commercial applications. It has proven itself in law enforcement as an investigative tool and in the telecommunications industry for both identification and verification. Voice recording is recognized as a non-inversive technology and can therefore be easily deployed in both passive and active modes across multiple markets and applications.

The PKI 2810 Automated Voice Biometric System automated system is a networked search and voice data management solution with unlimited database size. The PKI 2810 Automated Voice Biometric System implements, main tains and automates a universal voice database system at local, regional and/ or national level. Integrated voice biometrics functions automatically perform voice recognition.

Forensic analysis of biometric voice data provides reliable evidence in court proceedings. As with the entire PKI product line, voice matching is performed through voice sample processing, feature extraction, segmentation and identification methods. This ensures the highest level of accuracy.

3 sec. min. language patterns required for analysis
5 sec. search/matching in 10,000 language samples
10 sec. average time for feature extraction
Up to 100 simultaneous searches
Up to 1,000 active users
Stores up to 2.000.000
User-friendly software interface
Usable on any web browser
Platform independent, compatible with any operating system
Easy integration into existing IT infrastructure

Areas of application:

  • Terrorist threats
  • Corruption
  • Drug trafficking
  • Gang and organised crime
  • Kidnapping
  • Extortion
  • Domestic Violence
  • Fake Report and Prank Calls
  • Abuse of Emergency Numbers