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Professional Super Directional Microphone

Product number: PKI 2925

PKI 2925 hears the „grass“ grow, i.e. noise or conversations are still perceptible from a distance of 200m. This professional device exceeds all expectations so far. PKI 2925 has been designed among others for stationary assembly. It is aligned to the object to be monitored and fixed. For mobile use, an additional car roof construction with pan/tilt function can be delivered. It allows for more flexible applications, i.e. you drive as close as possible up to the object to be monitored and align the PKI 2925 to the desired object. This way, camouflaged monitoring operations can be easily realized even over larger distances. Conversations in buildings through open windows are easily discernable. Playback is possible via the built-in 3W digital transmitter up to 1 km and can be evaluated on a laptop computer via the receiver. A direct setting control is possible using headphones.

DimensionsØ150 mm, L = 250 mm
Weight2.5 kg
Power supply90 - 240 V AC, 12 V DC
Transmitter3 W, 1.3 GHz digital, 1 km operating range
Microphone amplification16,000-fold, AGC
Frequency response20 - 20000 Hz
Sensitivity1µV/Pa/1 kHz, +/- 3dB
Max. sound pressure120 dB
Signal/noise ratio70 dB
Recorder32 GB memory card
Sound filler3 filler curves
Headset8-32 Ω
Receiver1.2 GHz, digital
Power supply12V DC
OutputUSB to laptop computer
Dimensions25 x 80 x 140 mm
MiscellaneousPKI special software is included in the scope of supply headphone