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Directional Microphone of the latest generation

Product number: PKI 2915

This PKI 2915 Directional Microphone of the latest generation is many times more sensitive than our ears. It can be used to overhear conversations even from distances of more than 100 meters. Due to the directional effect, PKI 2915 is also able to simply mask parasitic noise from other directions. The use of a digital signal processor (DSP) also eliminates disturbing noise. This PKI 2915 Directional Microphone is really great. State-of-the-art low-noise amplifiers connected with a micro-recording system comparable with a horn transducer (known from HiFi speaker systems) guarantee appropriate results, namely a hardly credible sound. PKI 2915 Directional Microphone of the latest generation is not only outstanding for its technology (2 years of development account for that), but has also been developed in miniature design for camouflaged operations.

What is the use of parabolic or shotgun microphones that cannot be used without being recognized? The more so as these versions have been rejected completely by our various department customers for this reason. The PKI 2915 Directional Microphone must really be tried and tested to be convinced of the ingenious PKI technology. There is no easier way of audio surveillance, incomparable with any other surveillance methods which, depe nding on the application, are of course just as important. The special feature of PKI 2915 is the use of professional earphones.

Smallest oscillations can be transmitted so that the low-noise amplifier always operates in the low-noise segment. In addition, the advantage of earphones over a headset is that these remain unnoticed today because many mobile phone users run around in public with earphones plugged in. Should the earphones neverthless be disturbing, PKI 2915 is also available with a wireless acoustic transmission on request.

With this model, PKi creates a globally unique device that is at the cutting edge of technology.

Dimension80 x 140 x 25 mm
Weight200 g
Power supply Li-ion battery, 3,7V 1600mAh
Operating time10 h
Frequency response25 - 16.000 Hz
Noise amplifierInfinitely variable also for transmitter
Sensitivity1µV/Pa/1kHz -/+ 3dB
MicrophoneElectret, ultra supercardioid with horn technique
Max. sound pressure120 dB
Signal/noise ratio70 dB
Earphones3.5 mm phone jack
Adjusting knobON/OFF, volume
Charger110 - 220 V AC