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Array Directional Microphone with Recorder

Product number: PKI 2890

A large number of microphones mounted on a surface form a microphone array. All microphone outputs are processed simultaneously, increasing sensitivity and impressively reducing unwanted signals from outside. The PKI 2890 Array Directional Microphone with Recorder is disguised in a laptop computer case. The transmission is sent via a WiFi connection to a recorder contained in a netbook, smartphone or tablet, which also allows live monitoring and remote control of the processing via a wireless connector. The operator does not need to be nearby, but can stand at a distance. The PKI 2890 Array Directional Microphone with Recorder combines light weight and minimal size with low power consumption. PKI 2890 provides on-line electronic control of the angular alignment of the beams, enabling accurate aiming and adjustment of the input/output amplifiers and unit frequency response to the aiming function.

Dimension420 mm x 270mm
Weight3,7 kg with battery
Battery run time10 hours
Control unitWindows 7 and higher 8laptop, netbook)
Windows Mobile or Andriod (Smartphones, tablets)
180° field of view of the array
Adaptive processing mode
Up to 30 m. distance from AMAR to control unit
On the fly adjustment
Record and Play acquired sound; Recording is saved to uncompressed WAV file on control unit
Live monitoring of acquired sound: Up to 200 m in open field;
Up to 50 m in urban conditions;
Up to 30 m in indoor conditions