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Professional Directional Microphone with Wireless Digital Transmission

Product number: PKI 2450

PKI 2450 is designed for professional use by authorities for the detection of criminal acts or in case of imminent danger to reduce them. Developed by PKI in years of development work. An ingenious sound receiving device, paired with low-noise amplifiers, amazes the user what is technically possible in our time. PKI 2450 blows up everything in directional microphones that have been available until now. It can be used for outdoor audio monitoring at a range of up to 200m. You can literally hear the grass grow. The recorded audio signal is transmitted wireless digitally, i.e. the user can move freely within a radius of 100m during acoustic monitoring and perceive the desired monitoring signal via headphones or earphones without being detected.

Due to the exact alignment of PKI 2450 it is possible to concentrate on specific noise sources. For use on a tripod, a corresponding mounting option is available. This allows disturbing background noise to be filtered out and the desired speech intelligibility to be improved accordingly. PKI 2450 is a mobile handset with internal power supply and works completely self-sufficient.

The natural sound is received directly with PKI 2450 and hits the integrated sound receiver with downstream filter system. Here mainly the speech frequencies are optimized, disturbing background noise is eliminated. This marvel of technology enables unbelievable applications and should not be missing at any responsible authority. For the vehicle inspection PKI 2450 produces in combination with PKI 2555 an additional optical observation system for day and night observation with integrated pan/tilt head for ranges of max. 500m. A respective, required positioning is thus always given.

A detailed description can be found under PKI 2555.

In general
PKI 2450 is a directional microphone with integrated digital
transmitter and digital receiver.
Housing dimensions30 x 15 x 15 cm
Weight1,2 kg
Power supplyIntegrated, rechargeable Li-Ion battery
Battery life10 hours
Charging timeApprox. 1 hour
Output socketsHeadphones, recording device
OtherScrew thread for tripod use
Integrated digital transmitter
Modulation modeDigital frequency modulation
Carrier frequency rangeUHF 500~980 MHz
Preset frequencies25 (automatic pairing)
Output power100 mW
Frequency response75 Hz~18 kHz +/- 3 dB
Max. fluctuation range+/- 50 kHz (with level limitation)
T.H.D.<1.0 % @ 1kHz; S/N > 96 dB
RangeUp to 100 m
RF Stability+/- 0.005 % (-10°C to 50°C)
Digital receiver
Pocket device135 x 75 x 22 mm
Power supply9 V battery
Output socketsHeadphones, Recorder
Weight120 g
MiscellaneousHeadphones and earphones are included