This product is listed in: Audio Surveillance Equipment

Wireless Listening Suitcase Kit

Product number: PKI 2260

PKI 2260 includes the most important and most commonly used wireless listening devices for the most different monitoring requirements. A professional pocket receiver is the heart of this kit and receives all transmitters listed with its channels. Room, telephone, stethoscope, mains transmitters are as natural as long term, high power, voice activated and throwing transmitters. PKI 2260 is ideally designed for mobile use to get the necessary information from safety-related situations. Hereinafter the descriptions of the listed devices:

  • PKI 2205 Room Transmitter
  • PKI 2210 Telephone Transmitter
  • PKI 2215 Stethoscope Transmitter
  • PKI 2225 Professional Pocket Receiver
  • PKI 2275 Mains Transmitter (PCB)
  • PKI 2280 Long Term Transmitter
  • PKI 2285 High Power Transmitter
  • PKI 2290 Voice Activated Transmitter
  • PKI 2325 Throwing Audio Transmitter with Receiver