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Intelligent Geolocation Software

Product number: PKI 2610

With PKI 2610 software, we have achieved the power of high-precision cellular geolocation. The PKI 2610 software is designed to instantly order, track and monitor any GSM, UMTS and LTE target anywhere in the world and is intended exclusively for national intelligence, investigative units or operational agencies. PKI 2610 offers specialized technology to secure the future. Where possible, the agency must always stay one step ahead. PKI 2610 makes it possible to detect the movement patterns of your targets and provides alerts when unusual activities are underway.

PKI 2610 allows you to display specific geolocation data such as:

• Real-time subscriber location in map view
• IMSI and in some cases IMEI
• Home country, home operator, host country, host operator (when roaming)
• LAC and Cell ID, GPS coordinates of Cell ID
• Phone status, such as busy, away, unavailable, idle, etc
• Continuously updated cell site databases, which also support client uploads of cell sites in any country
• Age of retrieved information, i.e. how many minutes have passed since the client last communicated, with the operator’s MSC detect and track

Various automated functionalities

The PKI 2610 offers various automated functionalities to perform a variety of of key tasks such as:

• Interrogation of a group of targets believed to have connections to another target and may be involved in illegal activity
• Automated target tracking at each set and time of the operational interval e.g. every five minutes, three hours or twelve hours, depending on the target priority and the severity of your mission
• Generation of alerts when two or more of your targets are met;
• When a target leaves or enters a predefined polygon – including both precise and irregularly shaped regions; and when your target is travelling to another country (roaming)
• Pattern matching and analysis of static positions of suspects, periodic movements and unexpected journeys to give you valuable insights

PKI 2610 is built with the latest cloud technologies and capabilities to ensure a scalable,
secure and value-driven service

PKI 2610 is:

• Web-based and connected to the internet at any time from any location
• Cloud-based with all geolocation results including those stored in the cloud
• Stand-alone or can be used alongside tactical interception solutions