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Overwatch – Controller

Product number: PKI 2815

Monitoring Hardware – Components and options

Operating modes:
Normally a cluster of several sensors is used to monitor several MNOs in parallel. Each sensor housing in a cluster can either perform a scan (required at least in time in each cluster – no SIM card is needed) and monitor one MNO (one SIM card required) in parallel. Or the sensor housings can be used with 2 SIMs and monitor two additional MNOs in parallel.

Optional GPS/GLONASS function to detect interference and spoofing.

Optional WiFi module for protected data upload into an existing wireless infrastructure

Environmental Sensors:
Optional humidity, temperature, air pressure, gas and radioactivity sensors

Military grade die-cast and current-coated Aluminim housing, IP65 with extended operating temperature range of -40°C to +75°C. Built-in stainless steel mast and adapter for wall mounting.

LAN connections and PoE:
IP65 Ethernet connections (Harting type), PoE power supply and integrated PoE+ (IEEE for easy daisy-chaining of up to 4 devices.

Two high-quality broadband outdoor antennas for international frequency coverage and a standard N type antenna connector for antenna removal.


Monitoring Hardware – Inner Front Panel & Clustering

Protected front panel:
To prevent environmental influences and manipulation, the front panel is located inside the waterproof housing (under the top cover).

2 integrated SIM card readers or optional remote SIM solution

Protection against unauthorised interference:
Secured housing and capacitive tamper protection against device tampering.

Built-in temperature and acceleration sensors to measure system integrity.

Typical Cluster Installation:
For regular indoor or outdoor installations, multiple sensors (covering several MNOs in parallel) can be connected and powered by daisy-chaining up to 4 sensors with a PoE power supply.

Accessories – Customer-specific accessories and spare parts

Power SuppliesPoE power supplies in industrial quality
15W PoE power supply to supply 1 sensor
30W LT PoE+ power supply for supply of up to 3 sensors on request
60W LT power supply to supply up to 6 sensors on request
Mounting accessoriesVarious antenna and mast mounting accessories on request, please consult our partners
PoE lightning surge protection device for outdoor useHigh-quality surge protection device to protect the Ethernet indoors from lightning strikes that can come from the outdoor devices
Coaxial cablingLow-loss M&P cable, UV-resistant, wide temperature range -40°C - 70°C with 2x N-connectors for split applications in customized length
Coaxial high-performance lightning and surge protectionGas Discharge Tube Suppressor Type operating p to 3GHz including Ziglar rod contact
LAN CablingCat-5-Cstom cable (outdoor, UV protection), with proprietary Harting type connector and open ends
DSL modemsDSL in industrial quality (ADSL, VDSL, ANNEX A, ANNEX B) Modems for DIN rail mounting and 4G gateways on request
Power supply in the carWith this PoE power supply, the device can be fed from direct current sources with a voltage between 11V-28V for mobile applications (cars, taxis, buses). It includes automatic shutdown and advanced transient protection

Accessories – Antennas

Standard antenna (supplied with the sensor)
Broadband antenna (pentaband) for indoor and outdoor use, where the antenna is directly connected to the sensor.

Material ABS, waterproof to IP65. / Connector type N (male)

High quality Omni-antenna Vertical polarization
Indoor and outdoor use for outdoor applications where the antenna is separated from the sensor

Frequency rangeMHz 650 - 960 / 1695 - 2700
Input1 x N socket (requires a gender-changing cable 2x N plug)
VSWR< 2.0
GaindBi 2
Weight200g, 0.44lb
Wind load (at 150 km/h)6N, 1.3lbf
Height194 mm, 7.6 inch
Material radiatorBrass
RadomeFibreglass, colour, white
MountingOne-hole mounting (16 mm / 0.6 inch diameter) on surfaces of max. 10 mm/ 0.4 inch thickness

Special antenna solutions
For directional antennas (Yagi-Uda or patch type) please contact our technical service.

Available versions and product codes Sensors

  • 7500.xx.xx_GNSS
  • Sensor Global Version with activated GPS
  • (1 scanner (no SIM), 1 MNO monitor (1 SIM))
  • Sensor activated without GPS
  • (In most applications two GPS-enabled sensors per sensor cluster are sufficient to transmit the position of the respective measurement cluster
  • (2 SIM cards for monitoring 2 MNOs)
  • With activated GPS and WiFi

Technical Data 7500.02 (4G version)

Hardware interfaces

  • 2 x LAN connection (RJ45), Faster Ethernet (100MBit/s) (IEEE802.3u)
  • 4 x status LED
  • 2 x SIM card reader
  • 2 x N Antenna connection (socket, jack), 50
  • 2 x MCX connectors for external WiFi and GNSS antenna (not accessible from outside)

Frequency bands (4G sensor)

  • EMRA version, Korea, Tahiland (7500.02.E)
  • LTE FDD: B1/B3/B5/B5/B7/B8/B20
  • LTE TDD: B38/B40/B41
  • GSM: B3/B8
  • Version North America (7500.02.A) LTE FDD: B2/B4/B 12
  • Version North America (7500.02.V)
  • LTE FDD: B4/B 13

WiFi (optional)

  • 4, 5GHz compliant with IEEE 802.11b/g/n (2×2)
  • Channel bandwidth: 20MHz, 22MHz, 40MHz
  • Encryption: WEP64/128, WPA, EPA2, TKIP, WAPI, AES

Antenna GNSS/WiFi (optional)

  • Combined multiband antenna (WiFi + GPS + GLONASS), IP67

Mobile phone antennas

  • Two external pentaband antennas for omnidirectional QWL antennas with 190mm length

Environmental characteristics

  • Immunity to electromagnetic fields: 3V/m (EN-61000-4-3) Immunity to ESD: 4 kV contact discharge and 8kV air discharge (RN61000-4-2)


  • Dimensions (without antennas): 300 x 195 x 80mm
  • Weight: 2100g
  • Material: Die-cast aluminium housing with TPE seals and UV-protected powder coating.
  • Colour: metallic silver (comparable with RAL 9006)


  • LTE: -100dBm, GSM – 109dBm

GNSS (optional)

  • GPS: 16 channels, GLONASS: 14 channels


  • OpenVPN, AES256

Regulations and standards of compliance

  • CE, FCC

Supplied accessories

  • LAN cable 2xRJ45, black, UTP, length 0.4m, IP65, 2 Harting connectors for daisy chaining
  • Dummy plug (IP65)
  • Harting PushPull connector, Cat. 6, Class E for customized crimping
  • User manual
  • Safety Instructions
  • 2 antennas (indoor and outdoor)
  • Wall and mast mounting adapter
  • PoE power supply for indoor use IEEE 802.3af, 10/100MB PSA16U-480, input: 90 – 264VAC (IEC320-C14 socket), output 15.4W (please order the regional power cable separately)

Available language version: English


Environmental protection

  • Operating temperature -40°C to +75°C (-40°F to +165°F)
  • Storage temperature -40°C to +75°C (-40°F to +165 °F)
  • Protection of the encapsulation: IP65 (IEC EN60529), IPX8


  • Power supply: PoE, IEEE 802.11. at (max. 30W)
  • Power consumption: 7W