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Bodyworn Directional Microphone

Product number: PKI 2905

  • PKI-2905-Bodyworn-Directional-Microphone

    PKI 2905 Bodyworn Directional Microphone

Nature has provided mankind with 2 ears to locate noise. The more or less strong performance of our brain now allows us to extract the sound that is relevant for us from a mixture of sounds. Although the background noise might be 2 to 3 times louder, this works perfectly well. This phenomenon is known as the cocktail party effect. The mere hearing of human beings in terms of sensitivity/range, however, is not that convincing. With the corresponding electronics, microphones have a much more sensitive hearing. However, they simply hear everything equally well. Background noise as well as the desired useful signal. Special directional microphones are indispensable to select the noise mix, but due to their design they are not the most inconspicuous ones. With the PKI 2905 Bodyworn Directional Microphone, this is completely different.

Flat, worn like a holster, discreetly hidden below normal clothing, equipped with 24 microphones, you can hear everything that is going on behind your back. Thanks to highest quality electronics, you just need to turn the back of the PKI 2905 Bodyworn Directional Microphone on your target. The result leaves nothing to be desired. Parasitic noise, resonance and random noise are suppressed and allow a very high audio quality of the intercepted conversation. The extremely good directional effect yields an optimum result. It is possible to listen live to the captured information or to record it on the delivered digital voice recorder. The live function is realized via earphones, Bluetooth or optionally also via induction earbuds. Ideal for use in restaurants, bars, on the occasion of receptions or in similar environments.


  • Universal size vest, adjustable S – XXL (machine washable after removal of electronics)
  • Acoustic range: up to approx. 3.5 m depending on the environment
  • Battery operation: commercial 9 V battery
  • Total weight: approx. 600 g