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Coded Monitoring System

Product number: PKI 2325

  • PKI-2335-Coded-Monitoring-System

    PKI 2335 Coded Monitoring System

This PKI 2325 Coded Monitoring System consists of a concerted transmitter and receiver. Each sound from up to 10 meters will be captured up by the sensitive microphone of the transmitter and will be transferred wirelessly to the receiver in a coded form and then will be decoded at that place. Therefore this Coded Monitoring System is the ideal tool whenever monitoring tasks have to be carried out without the risk of unwanted listeners. Although this device is comparatively low priced, its capacity is amazing in regard to secured monitoring transmissions. Additionally the small size and the low weight of the transmitter allows a fast and easy installation wherever it is required. The built-in battery (9V standard) provides a continuous operation of approx. 15 hours.

Set of transmitter and receiver for a secure, coded audio transmission where no third parties are allowed to listen.
Built-in dynamic compressor
Small sized transmitter 48 x 30 x 12mm
Light weight handheld receiver with dimensions 140 x 77 x 24mm
Narrow band FM modulation 5KHz
Analogue dual band split scrambling
UHF frequency around 427MHz
UHF frequency around 427MHz
UHF frequency around 427MHz
15hrs battery (9V) operation