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Active Monitoring System

Product number: PKI 1580

This system belonging to the PKI GSM Monitoring Progam disposes of all the features that are possible in the area of active monitoring. Furthermore, it is the basis for any extensions offered by PKI for 3G and LTE. The PKI1580 Active Monitoring System has a completely modular design and can thus be used in all networks, no matter what frequency or network technology. The system can be networked and controlled via VPN.  

In its basic configuration, the PKI 1580 consists of one or several GSM base stations, depending on the frequency usage at the location. For the connection to mobile networks a clone unit is used that registers in the GSM network instead of the mobile phone to be monitored. For operation (normally) in encrypted networks, the PKI1580 is provided with an A5.1 decipher unit being able to cipher the required key in less than a second.

In order to keep the number of necessary antennas low, the PKI1580 can be equipped with antenna duplexers/combiners. The antennas required for operation of the GSM base stations can ideally be reduced to one antenna. The system offers a wide range of extension possibilities so that simultaneous operation in several networks is possible. The number of available conversations to be monitored in parallel is flexibly scalable. Additional base stations and clone channels also allow for later extensions. The PKI 1580 has numerous intelligent features that facilitate the user’s work.  

Among them are: 

  • Identification of the MSISDN phone number (PN detection). Although the GSM system does not transmit the phone number of a telephone via the radio link, the PKI1580 can identify the number and record it in the database.  
  • Localisation. With the additionally available PKI1680 Direction Finder mobile phones connected to the PKI1580 can be spotted and found. 
  • Not only all contents of conversations and short messages are recorded, but it is also possible to perform extensive manipulations. SMS can be modified or stopped based on key words. Stopped messages e.g. can be forwarded only after a check by an operator. Calls can be blocked both ingoing and outgoing or can be forwarded to an operator. All actions can be activated based on phone numbers. 
  • The PKI 1580, unlike other GSM monitoring systems, is not limited to a small number of targets due to the number of clone channels. The system can simultaneously monitor any number of targets and occupies the clone channels dynamically from the database in the very moment when a mobile phone is in direct connection with the network. The number of conversations recorded simultaneously is only defined by the number of clone channels and the capacity of the base stations. 
  • Detailed representation of the telephones and surrounding base stations on a map enables the operator to visualise his targets. 
  • For mobile phones connected to the system, an internet connection via GPRS/EDGE can be made available. This data traffic is evaluated and can also be further analysed. 
  • The system can be operated stationary at 100V – 230V, but also as a mobile device at a 9V – 36V power supply. 
  • Optionally, a car installation kit is available. 
  • The PKI 1580 is available for the GSM frequencies 850, 900, 1800MHz and 1900MHz. Additional frequencies and capacities can be achieved by combining the hardware. 

Work with the PKI 1580 is divided into the following steps: 

  • Commissioning of the system. Analysis of the mobile phone network at the location. On this basis, the system configures itself to the greatest possible extent. Search for random or known mobile phones. As soon as the telephones have contact to the system, the communication can be monitored. All the communication is processed and stored in the database of the system. 
  • Tools to evaluate the collected data are available. 
  • The entire control and database software is included on the delivered operator laptop.
  • The collected data can be easily exported and transmitted. 
  • GSM base stations have a max. output transmission power of approx. 15W 
  • Space-saving design of dual band BTS incl. clone channels (one housing) is possible. 
  • Portable operation in a carrying case is possible. 
Output powerApprox. 15W per band
FrequencyGSM (incl. EGSM) 900 MHz, DCS (1800 MHZ), PCS (1900 MHz), GSM 850 (850 MHz)
Clone channels can be integrated in dual band device 900/1800 MHz. (One housing contains 2 BTS and up to 8 clone channels)
Up to 6 simultaneous conversations per BTS (GSM and DCS = 12 calls)
Can be upgraded with any number of additional BTS
Antenna socketSMA
Connection to operator laptopEthernet/ LAN
A5.1 decipher unit can operate directly on system or remotely via VPN
Power supply230V (90-230V) or (9-36V) for car usage
Antenna duplexer/ Combiner availableAllows dual band transmission/ reception only with one antenna. (Additional BTS 3G 2100 can be integrated)
Comes with modem for Public Number Detection on operator laptop
Including USB GPS receiver for operation with online maps
Power consumptionUp to 150W at full transmission power