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Conference Presentation System

Product number: PKI 1965

The PKI 1965 Conference Presentation System provides full-screen playback for all devices, wired or wireless. Including MAC and Windows computers and laptops, Android and Apple tablets and smartphones. The PKI 1965 Conference Presentation System thus enables a much easier collaboration session. The PKI 1965 Conference Presentation System enables easy full-screen mirroring for all devices. Including Mac and Windows computers and laptops, Android and Apple tablets and smartphones. Displaying the entire screen for smoother and easier collaboration sessions. Install the easy-to-use software for screen mirroring, application window sharing and access to advanced features such as moderated collaboration.

The PKI 1965 Conference Presentation System is a wired and wireless 4K presentation system. It supports simultaneous display of up to four devices including one connected via HDMI. The HDMI input supports wired devices, including TeamWork Show Me cables for easy source selection. It has both collaboration and moderator modes for open and controlled collaboration and two Ethernet ports for more secure environments. When used with Extron GVE – GlobalViewer Enterprise software, multiple devices can be managed across an enterprise or campus.

PKI 1965’s professional features allow easy integration of AV and mobile devices in huddle, meeting and collaboration rooms. With the PKI 1965 Conference Presentation System, any user can view content and control the presentation. Each user can mirror their desktop or share images, documents or applications, with each shared item dynamically added to the display, up to a maximum of four shared items visible on the display at any one time. This enhances interaction during brainstorming sessions, team meetings, group studies and with other collaboration spaces.


  • Wirelessly share content from mobile devices. Connects a variety of devices to the system wirelessly or via a wired LAN connection.
  • Provides full screen mirroring for all devices. Display your device’s full screen through the wireless collaboration gateway for smoother and easier meeting collaboration.
  • Wireless and wired sources can work together simultaneously. HDMI input allows wired users or sources to collaborate simultaneously with wireless users in the same session.
  • Supports Mac and Windows computers as well as Apple and Android tablets and smartphones.
  • Dedicated application provides a consistent user experience across platforms. Similar user interface across all platforms makes it easy for users to support each other or switch between devices, regardless of how they connect and share content.
  • View up to four pieces of content simultaneously from each connected user. Effective collaboration and discussion by comparing multiple sources simultaneously and reducing or eliminating the need to switch between sources.
  • Centralised management. Save valuable time by updating firmware on multiple PKI devices simultaneously from a central location. Monitor usage on multiple units via the GVE management platform.
  • HDMI output supports computer and video resolutions up to 4K supports resolutions up to 4096 x 2160 with 4:4:4 chroma sampling at 8 colour bits. Compatible with TeamWork Show-Me cables Show-Me cables provide convenient connectivity and user input selection and control for teamwork collaboration systems.


  • Collaboration mode allows each participant to view content and control the presentation. Allows content to be viewed from any connected device to enhance interactivity in brainstorming sessions, team meetings and other collaboration environments.
  • Moderation mode ensures that only approved user content is displayed. Display codes ensure content is only displayed on the selected display devices Randomly generated or custom display authentication codes prevent unintended sharing of content or display in an adjacent room.
  • State-of-the-art technology displays slide images on participants‘ personal devices via a web browser. The device allows viewing of meeting content on a participant’s mobile device.
  • Fully customisable welcome screen. Multiple configuration options to show, hide or customise information on the welcome screen so users can quickly connect and start sharing their content. PoE+ compatible.
  • The product is powered directly from a PoE+ switch or injector, eliminating the need for bulky local power supplies Dual Gigabit Ethernet. Provides two high-speed data connections that allow segmentation of guest and private networks for quick and easy access to the web or other network resources.
  • Connects to an existing wireless network. PKI 1965 leverages existing wireless network infrastructure and provides easy wireless connectivity for a variety of mobile devices.
  • 128- bit data encryption. A variety of security protocols ensure that all content transmitted between the devices and the model is fully encrypted and secure.
  • Easy set-up and commissioning with Extron PCS – Product Configuration Software.
  • Convenient configuration of multiple products with a single software application. Display control options including RS 232 and CEC via HDMI connection1″ (2.5 cm) high, half rack-width metal enclosure. Compact, low-profile housing allows discreet installation in a lectern or behind a flat-panel display.

Customised welcome screen

The PKI 1965 Conference Presentation System features a fully customisable welcome screen with numerous configuration options to help users quickly connect their devices and share content. Customised welcome screens, such as organisation-specific connection instructions, can be uploaded and shown as the default welcome screen on the display. IP or host name information can be shown or hidden as desired. Multiple screens can also be displayed to provide more detailed connection instructions, support information or other local information. A signage player can be connected to the HDMI input so that PKI 1965 can function as a signage display when not in use for collaboration sessions. It displays updated organisational information from the signage player until the first wireless user connects, and returns to a signage display when all wireless users have disconnected.

Secure collaboration of the PKI 1965 Conference Presentation System:

PKI 1965 has a range of security protocols to ensure a safe and secure environment for collaboration. All content transferred between devices running the software and is protected with 128-bit encryption. Communication between user devices and the PKI 1965 Conference Presentation System is protected with the HTTPS secure connection protocol. Control, monitoring or management applications using an Extron control system communicate with PKI 1965 via SSH for secure communication. In multi-unit environments, a four-digit code may need to be entered on the welcome screen before users can share content on the display. This feature is particularly useful to ensure that users only see their content in environments where multiple units may be in close proximity, such as huddle spaces, active learning environments, office buildings or classroom buildings.

The PKI 1965 Conference Presentation System also has two Gigabit Ethernet connections that allow internal private networks on one Ethernet to be segmented from external guest networks on another Ethernet, ensuring that only authorised users can access the private network. In addition to an administrator password, additional optional passwords can be set for a moderator or for all users, providing another layer of protection for secure collaboration

Centralised management of the PKI 1965 Conference Presentation System:

With PKI 1965, setting up or managing multiple systems is virtually as easy as setting up or managing a single system. Extron’s PCS – Product Configuration Software allows convenient setup and configuration of one or more units at a time. PCS can store configurations for future use when expanding PKI systems or restoring a replaced unit. It also allows multiple units to receive firmware updates simultaneously, saving time and greatly improving efficiency. In addition, Extron’s powerful and flexible GlobalViewer Enterprise software enables management, monitoring and control of PKI 1965 over any standard Ethernet network.

Power supplyInput: 100 – 240 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz; Output: 12 VDC, 2 A, 24 W
Power input12 VDC from external power supply
Power consumptionDevice: 16.7 W, Device and power supply 20.1W
Dimensions2,60 x 23 x 21 cm
Weight1 kg
Network interface controllers (NICs)2
Connector2 female RJ-45 connectors
Data rate10/ 100/ 1000 Base-T, Half/ full duplex with Auto-detect