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Manpack Ka Band satcom terminal

Product number: PKI 1970

The PKI 1970 Manpack Ka Band satcom terminal is a lightweight and robust manpack terminal designed for civil or government communications for data or voice over IP. The PKI 1970 Manpack Ka Band satcom terminal is particularly interesting for emergency communications. It can be transported and operated by one person. The PKI 1970 Manpack Ka Band satcom terminal housing consists of a robust and reliable aluminium structure with carbon fibre antenna. The operating time with battery is up to four hours. The fast and easy deployment (< 15mn) and the upload data rate of ≥ 1Mbits/s including the manual displays are special features of the PKI 1970 Manpack Ka Band satcom terminal.

Frequency BandTX: 29 – 30 GHz (other Ka band on demand); RX: 19.2 – 20.2 GHz (other on demand)
EIRP50 dbW at 30 GHz
G/T16.5 dB/k at 19.7 GHz (EI = 30°)
AntennaØ 65 cm dual-offset
PolarizationCircular RHCP or LHCP (on field swappable)
Pointing/ PackagingManual/ Backpack
Weight/ Dimensions30 kg with backpack/ 420 x 340 x 710 mm
Input voltage18 V to 36 VDC or 90 to 260 VAC – 47 to 63 Hz or battery
Power consumption/ battery< 110 W/ up to 4 hours
User AccessL-band Tx and Rx accesses
M&CModern web GUI on ruggedized tablet
TemperatureOperating: - 20°C to +55°C / Storage: - 40°C to +60°C
Wind speed:Operational: 50 km/h (gusting to 70 km/h)/ Survival: 100 km/h
IP protection/ RoHS IP65/ EN 50581
REDEMC: EN 301489-1, EN 301489-12; Safety : EN 60950-1 / A11/ En 60950-22, Spectrum: EN 301459
SpecificsSatellite: ITU-R S.580-6, ITU-R S.731-2