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Mobile Satellite Communication Terminal

Product number: PKI 1780

The PKI 1780 Mobile Satellite Communication Terminal is a high reliability terminal that provides real-time broadband satellite communications for video, voice and data on the move. It can be used for secure civil or government communications or emergency communications, including data and voice over IP. The PKI 1780 Mobile Satellite Communication Terminal enables any vehicle to communicate with a remote location without a GSM network or existing radio infrastructure, in the middle of the desert via satellite and while driving up to 100km/h.

The PKI 1780 Mobile Satellite Communication Terminal is delivered turnkey and requires no special knowledge of satellite communication. It requires no modification to the vehicle and is quickly replaceable e.g. in case of a breakdown of the carrier.
PKI 1780’s state-of-the-art technology makes it possible to hold video conferences or send large files or video surveillance while driving.

The PKI 1780 Mobile Satellite Communication Terminal is equipped with WiFi, which makes it possible to distribute the internet connection to several vehicles when travelling in a convoy. WiFi can of course also be switched off for discretion. The complete PKI 1780 unit is mounted on the desired vehicle with quick-release fasteners. The low overall height and low weight simplify quick installation. The PKI 1780 Mobile Satellite Communication Terminal supports the commercial and military Ka-band.

Frequency BandTX. 29 – 31 GHz; RX: 19,2 – 21,2 GHz
Satellite acquisitionAutomatic
G/T (standard radome)9 dB @ 30° EI
EIRP (with 40W BUC standard radome) ≥46 dBW typ. Including tracking loss and for SR compliant to MIL-STD-188-164C
Antenna typeSlot antenna (4-port)
Panel size40 x 15 cm
PolarizationDual Circular RHCP / LHCP (Automatically switchable)
Cross-Pol20 dB typ
Azimuth travel0° to 360° continuos
Elevation travel0° to 95°
Elevation Speed30 deg/sec
Azimuth Speed60 deg/sec
Acceleration500 deg/sec2
TrackingCombined IMU/ RSSI/ GPS
Pointing Accuracy≤0.20° typ; 99% of the time during off-road Class A
Antenna pointingAcquisition time < 40 sec; Re-acquisition time < 2 sec
WeightOutdoor module: 55 kg; Indoor module: 7,5 kg Options: UPS: 37,5 kg; Power generator: 21 kg
Power line supply voltage24 V (18 36 VDC)
Power consumption≤ 680W peak (harsh off road)
UPS autonomyUp to 4 hours (UPS in option)
User Interfaces3 Ethernet 10/ 100 base T (data, VOIP, WiFi bridge)
Core station M&CYes
Operating temperature range-25°C to +55°C
Storage temperature range-40°C to + 71°C
Maximum verhicle speedUp to 120 km/h
Environment standardMIL-STD-810G
REDSafety: EN60950-1 and EN60950-22, EMC: EN300 673; Spectrum: EN 301 978
RoHSEN 50581