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Cellular Locator

Product number: PKI 1750

The PKI 1750 Cellular Locator enables tactical detection and protocol-based positioning of mobile devices that are active in the detection area, as well as positioning for operational activities.The PKI 1750 Cellular Locator has been developed in-house over many years and is characterised by the flexibility of its capabilities, functions and configurations.

Used by law enforcement and intelligence agencies worldwide, the PKI 1750 Cellular Locator is a reliable, state-of-the-art cell-site solution that meets all tactical cell-site requirements. Most tactical positioning operations aim to physically reach the target subscriber and capture the device owner.

Frequency bandsTwo bands of the following for each cell: GSM -850, P/E. GSM-900; dcs-1800; pcs- 1900
Two bands of the following for each cell: UMTS I 2100, UMTS II 1900, UMTS IV 1700, UMTS V 850, UMTS VII 900
Two bands of the following for each cell: E-UTRA I 2100, E-UTRA II 1900, E-UTRA III1800, E-UTRA IV 1700, E-UTRA V 850, E-UTRA VII 2600, E-UTRA VIII 900, E-UTRA XX 800
Identifies ExtractedIMSI, IMEI, (optional) TMSI, (optional) IMEI-SV
Location CapabilitiesA variety of protocol based positioning methods, Last Mile, Positioning Enablement
Lists DefinitionSupport for multiple groups of subscribers, import and export included
Targets DBIncluded, import and export available
Operating rangeDepending on configuration, physical layout and electromagnetic environment. Maximal range can be controlled by user
Active PositioningCross technology, up to 4 targets in parallel
Storage sizeDepending on configuration
Battery timeDepending on configuration
Transmission output powerDepending on configuration (10 mW – 100 W total)
Signal SourcePLL synthesized
Power supplyBattery / 90 – 220 VAC / 12 VDC
AntennaDepending on configuration (directional / omni-directional)
Dimensions49 x 31 x 19 cm (standard backpack)
Weight16,5 kg (standard backpack)
Operating Temp.0°C to +50°C
Humidity5% - 95%