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Coded Radio Communication System

Product number: PKI 2750

  • PKI-2750-Coded-Radio-Communication-System

    PKI 2750 Coded Radio Communication System

These handy systems are equipped with highly sensitive receiver for a superb receiving sensitivity which allows very good receiving distances even with the 1 or 5 Watt output power of the relative transmitters. The more important is the possibility to easily switch over from clear speech to the scrambling mode for secure communications. The PKI 2750 Coded Radio Communication System, with its userfriendly operation, is developed according to MIL standards i.e. a maximum of durability and effectiveness. This system can also be combined with our PKI 2440 Wireless Miniature Earphone for perfect use in disguised operations.

System according to MIL Standard 810 C,D,E
User-friendly operation
Automatic channel selection and individually programmable channels
VOX funcion
CTCSS / DCS subcoder for undisturbed communication with other persons using the same channel and subcode.
Selectable calls for different users
Pre-programmable emergency call frequencies
Scrambling mode for secure communication
16 channels at 148 - 174 or 440 - 470MHz with 12.5, 20, 25KHz steps at 1/ 5W output power (high/low-selectable)
7,5V DC rechargeable battery, 1300mA/h for 9 hours operation time
0,35µV receiver sensitivity
Dimensions 130 x 42 x 60mm