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Digital Wireless Covert System

Product number: PKI 2660

In physical surveillance, speech intelligibility is crucial. Every message must be clearly understood by all team members in every situation during a surveillance, regardless of the volume of the environment. The PKI 2660 Digital Wireless Covert System is designed to be particularly user-friendly and does not require any technical knowledge. PKI 2660 is completely immune to electromagnetic interference and does not interfere with other systems. The AES-128-bit encryption of the transmission guarantees a secure connection. The PKI 2660 Digital Wireless Covert System „in-ear receiver“ is almost invisible, it fits very discretely in your ear canal thanks to its ingenious miniature design. Long wearing times are possible without any problems due to the ergonomic design, a pleasant wearing comfort is guaranteed. The connection in addition to a radio or mobile phone increases absolute flexibility.

AntennaBuilt-in antenna
Back-link power
EncryptionAES 128-bits
Electrical safetyIEC/ EN 60950-1
Radiocom 2.4GHzEN 300 440
EMCEN 301.489-1, -17
FCCPart 15C
Output max SPL100dB(A) SPL according to EU standard EN 50332 Part 1 & 2
Audio bandwidth100Hz - 7200Hz
Max. sound pressure level100dB(A) SPL
SNR55dB (@ 1kHz)
THD-42dB (<0.8% @ 1kHz)
Power supplyMercury free 10 Zinc Air
Current drain2.75mA (Streaming); 0.7mA (Sleep mode)
Operating Time> 15h in full streaming
Weight1.3g incl. battery
Operating conditions0°C to +45°C and relative humidity of 95% (non condensing)


1   Battery compartment

2   Removal handle

3   Wax guard

4   Transport pouch

5   Soft wraps

6   Cleaning tools