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Computer Monitoring Systems

Product number: PKI 2710 / PKI 2715 / PKI 2720

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    PKI 2710, PKI 2715 und PKI 2720 Computer Monitoring Systems

PKI has developed different Computer Monitoring Systems, each for different operations or possibilities. In the development phase, PKI paid paramount attention to internal encryption in order to ensure absolute security with respect to discovery. Passwords and access data of foreign PCs are often indispensable for various surveillance operations. With our computer monitoring systems, eavesdropping is made easy and is not detectable via system programs or virus scanners. PKI 2710 is simply plugged between keyboard and computer. No additional software or driver is required.

PKI 2710 is compatible with Windows and Linux systems. The two gigabyte memory records millions of data which can be read out at any time via the own PC. PKI 2710 can be delivered as PS2, USB and Apple Mac USB coupling plug. PKI 2715 makes computer monitoring even more interesting and this via WiFi connection. Here, the content of PKI 2715 can be directly read out via WLAN. With a smartphone, set up as hot spot, the PKI 2715 data can always be read out. In addition, it is thus possible to transmit all data to an email address of the surveillance operator for evaluation.

PKI 2715 can be delivered as PS2, USB or Mac coupling plug with WLAN. PKI 2720 is a special version for direct installation into the PC keyboard. The flat design and the universal connections ensure entire compatibility with all common USB and PS2 keyboards. PKI 2720 is compatible with all Windows and Linux systems. This keyboard recorder PKI 2720 cannot be detected by the specific software used and can be taken out at any time for readout on the own PC. The memory capacity of two gigabytes allows for an enormous data volume or interesting information about a surveillance lasting for weeks.

Current consumption30mA (+20dBm) - 250mA (+26dBm)
TransmissionFSK at 10kbit/s
Live signal transmissionEvery minute
DimensionsPKI 2710: 55 x Ø 16mm
PKI 2715: 50 x 20 x 12mm
PKI 2720: 45 x 20 x 8mm
Power0 - 100mW (in 10 steps)