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Digital Audio Transmitter

Product number: PKI 2700

  • PKI-2700-Digital-Audio-Transmitter

    PKI 2700 Digital Audio Transmitter

The PKI 2700 Digital Audio Transmitter is a digital UHF miniature transmitter system in SMD technology. The system consists of a remote controllable audio transmitter and an audio receiver with integrated remote control transmitter. Transmission of the digital data is realized according to the transceiver principle. The range of the audio data transmission is equal to the range of the remote control. The audio signals are digitized in the transmitter by a 10-bit A/D converter and subsequently encrypted with a 56-bit key using the data encryption standard DES. Transmission of the digital audio data and reception of the remote control commands are performed via the same antenna. The packet-switched uninterrupted audio transmission makes it for the PKI 2700 Digital Audio Transmitter possible that remote control commands can be received between the audio data.

All settings, such as On/Off, power output, energy saving mode, internal, external microphone, VOX, channel, address, are remote controllable. The transmitter is provided with an internal microphone to record conversations up to a distance of 15m. An external microphone can also be connected. An emergency call button is integrated. The energy saving mode allows to reduce the current consumption in transmission mode by half while maintaining the output power. In disconnected mode (standby) the transmitter consumes max. 250μA and remains remote controllable. One receiver can address and control up to 16 transmitters. The receiver comes with an adjustable headset amplifier as well as a line output for recorder connection. Power supply is possible with an internal battery or an external power supply unit.

Power supply3.6 - 9 V DC
Power consumptionPWR = high, PS = off 140 mA
PWR = low, PS = off 65 mA
PWR = high, PW = on 75 mA
PWR = low, PF = on 45 mA
Tx off, Vox off μ235 A
Tx off, Vox on 1 mA
Output powerPWR = high 150 mW,
PWR = low 50 mW
Transmitting channelsCH0 440.0604 MHz
CH1 441.0434 MHz
CH2 441.9914 MHz
CH3 443.0446 MHz
CH4 443.9927 MHz
CH5 445.9208 MHz
CH6 447.0551 MHz
CH7 448.0476 MHz
CH8 449.0710 MHz
CH9 449.8900 MHz
Sensitivity-100 dBm (BER = 103)
Remote frequency444.9756 MHz
Transmitter cycle:
tx time / interval
PS = off 84 ms / 93 ms
PS = on 84 ms / 186 ms
Receiver cycle: rx time / intervalPS = off 4 ms / 93 ms
PS = on 4 ms / 186 ms
Tx off 7 ms / 2 s
Audio inputInternal or external microphone, switchable
Emergency callExternal button, 10 s alarm sound
VoxAttack time 1 s
Follow-up time10 s
AntennaWire antenna
Dimensions27 x 8 x 35 mm
This device matches PKI 2225 receiver