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A/V Monitoring via Mobile Phone

Product number: PKI 2585

  • PKI-2585-A-V-Monitoring-via-Mobile-Phone

    PKI 2585 A/V Monitoring via Mobile Phone

PKI modifies the most different mobile phone brands for audio and video monitoring purposes. The high-resolution 8 megapixels HD camera is camouflaged in the headphone jack. This position is ideal for video recording, as the mobile phone mostly rests flat. Up to 60 hours of audio and video recording can be made and retrieved. This type of A/V Monitoring via Mobile Phone can be performed all over the world and knows no boundaries. Preferred mobile phones for the modification are SAMSUNG and BlackBerry, as these are used worldwide and do not attract attention as special designs. The respective user does not realize the modification when using his/her mobile phone. He/she does not know anything about being monitored, all mobile phone functions are ensured. The PKI 2585 A/V Monitoring via Mobile Phone offers the alternative solution for international control incl. positioning.

Display illuminationShuts down while HD camera is recording
Easy to operateSimilarly to the existing device functions
Video and phone transferVia WiFi, Bluetooth, Email or live 3G/4G
Recording timeInternal microSD card with up to 64GB up to 60 hours of audio and video recording
Original telephone functionsWill remain
A/V recording timeAt least 4 hours with one battery charge
SpecialsGEO coating function GPS tagging of picture