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IP Monitoring System for Analogue and Digital Telephone, e-mail, Fax

Product number: PKI 1800

  • PKI-1800-IP-Monitoring-System-for-Analogue-and-Digital-Telephone-Email-Fax

    PKI 1800 IP Monitoring System for Analogue and Digital Telephone, e-mail, Fax

The technologies applied for communication have increasingly shifted into the IP sector. Whether e-mail, telephone, fax etc. today, all there means of communication demand digital bandwidth and are transmitted via IP-based networks. In contrast to the technologies applied so far, with IP technology no direct connection is established between the communication partners but communication is digitized, packed in small packets, possibly encrypted and subsequently more or less quickly and frequently exchanged. In case of previous monitoring systems, a known sender automatically meant that the receiver was known, too. The conversation, fax, etc. was realized via a line to which both participants were connected. The data volume recorded this way is and remained manageable.

The problem with today’s IP-based technology is that there is no direct connection any longer but only a communication distributed onto numerous packets. It is therefore necessary to separate the corresponding packets from the entire mass of data and to merge and decode them subsequently. Such a system shall in fact record the ongoing data traffic, but it cannot participate – actively. What is difficult are e.g. lost packets which cannot be requested again or also packets transmitted several times in order to put together the original message. The solution to this is our PKI 1800 IP Monitoring System. Integrated into the network to be monitored, any communication is stored and decoded to the greatest possible extent. And it is irrelevant whether a WLAN or a wired network is eavesdropped on here. The actual access to the network is realized with a repeater establishing the connection to the PKI 1800. The System logs all captured data into a database and thus enables a subsequent evaluation. Via the IP address, an assignment is then possible, via the data of the providers, to the user identity. Additionally, our products include a huge range of accessories.

Despite their complex functionality, all devices come with an easily understandable instruction manual, which also describes their advantages and disadvantages and their possible field of application. Therefore, the ENDUSER have the possibility to combine all desired devices according to needs and wishes. Of course, we can be of assistance, if you specify your personal requirements and we would be pleased to establish a personally designed and tailor-made configuration of devices. Our PKI 1800 devices allow surveillance of telephone, e-mail and Fax without any restriction. All you need is a computer and some knowledge of the system. In order to cover this, PKI also offer 4-weeks training courses. PKI 1800 records voice conversations from analogue and digital telephone lines, IP-telephony and other sources and gives instant and comfortable access to record data. PKI 1800 can be used for various application, e.g. by Police and other Law Enforcement Agencies, banking, insurance, emergency services etc.

The PKI 1800 Highlights are:

  • High-quality recording
  • Simultaneous recording and playback
  • Real-time audio channel monitoring
  • Fax Reader module decodes audio recordings of facsimile transmissions
  • Sound module allows playback of speech with variable speed
  • Embedded transcription module can be used to transcribe recorded conversations into text.
  • Noise filtering module reduces the noise in recorded conversations making the speech clearer and more intelligible multi-channel recordings. Connection up to 8 channels into one file.

The technical characteristics are:

  • 300 channels in one recording station
  • Audio format wav uncompressed or 16x compression
  • MS SQL Express database size up to 5 million recordings
  • MS SQL standard database size up to 100 million recordings
Input impedance3 Motion
Rated voltage of input signal1,3V
Signal-to-noise ratio> 80dB
ADC resolution16bit
Active callerID
Phantom power5V/12V
Supports proprietary protocolsAlcatel-Lucent, Avaya, (Lucent, AT&T), Bosch, Ericsson, Harris LG, NEC, Nortel, Panasonic, Samsung, Siemens, Tudiran, Telecom, Telrad, Connegy, etc.
LAN connectionIP V.4, IEEE 802.3, Mirroring / Span port, Ethernet 100Mb / 1GB
Supported protocols and speech codecs H.323, SIP and G.711. G.729aIP-Telephony proprietary protocols. Alcatel, Avaya, Cisco, Ericsson, Nortel, Siemens