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Iridium Interception System

Product number: PKI 1820

  • PKI-1820-Iridium-Interception-System

    PKI 1820 Iridium Interception System

The PKI 1820 Iridium Interception System is a real time interception system providing a comprehensive monitoring solution for Iridium satellite communication. The Iridium communication system is a large group of satellites providing voice and data coverage for satellite phones, pagers, and integrated transceivers. With more than 500.000 total subscribers, Iridium is the only mobile-voice and data satellite comminications network that spans the entire surface of the earth, serving both commercial and government subscribers. Monitoring and intercepting Iridium networks is an essential task for government agencies in the continuous effort to ensure effective intelligence gathering from this steadily growing network.
The PKI 1820 Iridium Interception System captures the link between satellites and mobile units, providing impressive L-band results. Voice calls produced by the system contain synchronous and uninterrupted voice playback using state-of-the-art signal processing methods and algorithms. The PKI 1820 Iridium Interception System produces and displays voice calls and data shared on target networks in real time, as they are intercepted. Voice and text communication intercepts are stored in a managed database for on-demand audio replay and social network analysis. All data can be conveniently exported to any standard format for post-mission data research and analysis. The system is operated by a powerful, flexible and user-friendly management console. PKI 1820 is specially designed for government organizations, law enforcement units, and intelligence agencies demanding high standards real-time information gathering, storage and data extraction. PKI 1820 enables predefined lists of intercept targets, specifying names, phone numbers, and network-specific parameters. PKI 1820 supports both remote and local operations, as well as multiple operators. By efficiently dividing the work between several operators in real-time, intelligence gathering capacity can be significantly increased. PKI 1820 is modular and can be installed in various form factors, from a standard 19“ rack-mount version to a rugged transportable edition.
PKI 1820 is used by – Intelligence and Homeland Security agencies like Law enforcement and investigations units or  Armed forces.

Receivers technologyWide band receivers
Interception method100% passive, off-the-air
Frequency coverageL-band
Data monitored in real timeVoice calls, SMS („Paging“), data
CapacityUp to 50 concurrent calls
Number of operators1 - 3 simultaneous operators
Modes of operationSearch mode: interception and production of random traffic
Target mode: interception and production of traffic originated from predefined targets
Semi-target mode: interception of all traffic regardless of origin (metadata only). Content production (voice and text) of calls only from known predefined targets


• Real time interception of Iridium voice calls, SMS and data
• Location finding of Iridum handsets and terminals
• Comprehensive interception
• Extended geographic coverage
• Automatic link analysis, social networking and intelligence-driven alters