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Door Intercom Recorder

Product number: PKI 1830

  • PKI-1830-Door-Intercom-Recorder

    PKI 1830 Door Intercom Recorder

The PKI 1830 door intercom recorder is a compact recording device that can be connected to state-of-the-art bus based door intercom systems. All events such as doorbell ringing or door opening are logged and calls via the intercom system are recorded. Depending on the investigation and data privacy protection requirements, this can be carried out globally or individually for certain door intercom locations. Later, the events can be queried or directly forwarded to a monitoring centre via a network/mobile phone connection depending on the design/configuration of the recorder. The PKI 1830 door intercom recorder power supply is directly provided by the intercom system. It is compatible with most system protocols available on the market. The recorder can usually be connected to any point of the wiring of the intercom system.