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Digital Mains Transmitter

Product number: PKI 2240

  • PKI-2240-Digital-Mains-Transmitter

    PKI 2240 Digital Mains Transmitter

This PKI 2240 Digital Mains Transmitter is designed especially for absolutely professional use only. Small-sized, light-weight and no risk of detection during critical observation. The transmission signal is created and coded in a digital pseudorandom, so that a highly secured transmission is guaranteed. This digital mains transmitter is installed into a socket outlet or lamp once and can then record and wirelessly transmit secret conversations for years. If necessary, this „Trojan Horse“ can be activated via radio. This also applies to transmission power and frequency adjustment. The integrated microphone still records conversations from a distance of 15m.

Frequency rangeHF-Band (8 channels)
Transmission speed125kBit/s
Audio signal frequency range0,3 - 6 Hz
Dynamic range of the signalsNot less than 83dB via microphone input
Supply voltage220V 50Hz
Current consumption (at 220V +/- 10%)Not more than 50mA
Dimensions46 x 25 x 20mm
This device matches PKI 2220 receiver