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Digital Stethoscope Transmitter

Product number: PKI 2235

  • PKI-2235-Digital-Stethoscope-Transmitter

    PKI 2235 Digital Stethoscope Transmitter

The PKI 2235 Digital Stethoscope Transmitter finds its application where the human ear reaches its limits. The digital stethoscope transmitter is very quickly fixed by provided mastic material. It can be attached to the wall (up to 50cm thick), window, door frame etc. The digital miniature receiver captures the signal from a distance of up to 300m. The integrated Piezo element is very high sensitive and captures acoustic oscillation on hard materials. So even spoken word is clearly audible. PKI 2235 set is designed especially for absolutely professional use only. Small sized, light weight and no risk of detection during critical observation. The transmission signal is created and coded in a digital pseudorandom, so that a highly secured transmission is guaranteed. A recorder connected to the receiver provides entire recording.

Frequency rangeUHF-band (8 channels)
Transmission speed125kBit/s
Output power15mW - 30mW
Supply voltage3V battery cell
Current consumptionNot more than 15mA
DimensionsØ 28 x 20mm
This device matches PKI 2220 receiver