This product is listed in: Audio Surveillance Equipment

Digital Spectrum System (DDS)

Product number: PKI 2735

The PKI 2735 Digital Spectrum System (DDS) provides police and security agencies with higly covert audio transmission for all critical operations requiring low probability of interception and apprehension and strong resistance to jamming. Many features require the use of appropriate countermeasures. Security agencies should certainly not lack PKI 2735 Digital Spectrum System (DDS) in their inventory.

Power consumption< 8MA, i.e. several weeks of continuous listening on battery power
Resistance to thermal detectors No emission of heat
Selection of transmittersWith optional remote control with 200mW or 800mW output power.
Detection range200m - 300m for 200mW TX; 500m for 800mW TX
FrequenciesUp to 4 TX in the range of 300MHz - 400MHz
ManagementRC can set VOX, gain/power, on/off
Encryption1024 different audi codes
Additional optionWith PKI´s own Store & Forward Device, the system can be connected to the PKI digital encrypted recorder