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Array Directional Microphone with Recorder

Product number: PKI 2895

Directional microphones are in demand everywhere. PKI development has developed over 20 different types with different characteristics for the most diverse applications. Our 30 years of development makes us a leader in this field. The PKI 2895 Array Directional Microphone with Recorder is a tablet with 20 different high-tech microphones that make remote recording of acoustic objects possible. A downstream, integrated and low-noise amplifier with infinitely variable control makes observation a real highlight. The small dimensions combined with the ergonomic handle make mobile use easy and well camouflaged. The simple operation and playback via earphones or headphones make the PKI 2895 Array Directional Microphone with Recorder almost perfect.

Dimensions52 x 70 x 9mm
Power supplyLi-ion battery, rechargeable Charger 110/ 220V AC
Microphone type20 pieces microphone array
Distance range of audio pick up30 - 50 Meters (Depending of configuration)
VolumeInfinitely variable
Microphone array10/ 20/ piece