This product is listed in: Audio Surveillance Equipment

Miniature Directional Microphone

Product number: PKI 2920

With a size of only 38 x 48 x 18mm, PKI 2920 can be attached everywhere quickly and inconspicuously using our „adhesive paste“ and records conversations up to a distance of 50m. This is enabled by the built-in line microphone recording the sound waves coming from the front and covering them into electrical signals. This development has been made by PKI on request of a ministry and in the meantime it has proven very successful, i. e. small, inconspicuous, powerful.

Amplification10.000 - fold
Frequency response 20 - 15.000Hz
SystemElectret Ultra Supercardioid
Max. sound pressure120dB
Signal/ noise ratio70dB
Dimensions38 x 48 x 18mm
Power supplyLi-Ion battery 5V
Operating time5h