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Product number: PKI 2265

  • PKI-2250-HF-Repeater

    PKI 2250 HF-Repeater

The PKI 2265 portable crossband HF-Repeater is primarily designed for extending the range of low power monitoring devices. Due to its capacity to work from three different types of power supply this system is suitable for work inside buildings, in cars and in the field – independent of supply conditions. The electrical input characteristics of the 3 channel receiver section of PKI 2265 are adapted to PKI´s crystal stabilised low power transmitters.

With the high output power of the PKI 2265 a distance of up to 15km may be bridged under ideal conditions. The totally selectable transmitter/receiver frequency pairs, various power supply adaptations and direct listen-into possibility make this system easy to operate and versatile for any kind of surveillance task. A hand-held 3-channel receiver for the outgoing frequencies of the PKI 2265 HF-Repeater is included in the set as well as every necessary high gain directional antenna plus tripods (transmitting and receiving).

Frequency rangeInputs and/or outputs: VHF 130 – 174 MHz, channel frequencies to be specified by the customer, UHF 370 – 430 MHz channel frequencies to be specified by the customer, SHF 1.3 - 1.35 GHz channel frequencies to be specified by the customer
RF output powerSelectable 1, 4, 5 or 10 W depending on frequency range
Receiver sensitivityBetter than 0.4 μV at 12 dB sinad
Modulation/DeviationNFM at 5 KHz
Spurious suppression
Better than 40 dB
Frequency stabilityBetter than +/- 2 ppm (0°C - 50°C)
Number of channels6
Power supplyInternal rechargeable battery external DC input 12 V (car) mains 115 V or 230 V AC
Operation timeAt battery charge/depending on frequency: min 12 - 15 hours at 1 W continuous operation, or min 10 hours at 4 W continuous operation, or min 6 hours at 5 - 10 W continuous operation
Charging method115V or 230V or 12V DC (car)
Transmission formatClear analogue
Audio monitor2 W at 8 ohms
Features includedChannel selector squelch control volume control headphone output
DimensionsApprox. 450 x 420 x 250 mm
WeightApprox. 25 kg incl. batteries

Scope of supply:

  • Repeater in pilot’s suitcase
  • Directional receiver antenna
  • Tripods for antennas
  • Mains powered battery charger
  • Car power adapter (cigarette lighter)