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Module Transmitter for Do-it-Yourself Installation

Product number: PKI 2300

  • PKI-2300-Module-Transmitter-for-Do-it-Yourself-Installation

    PKI 2300 Module Transmitter for Do-it-Yourself Installation

Several surveillance operations are only possible by using camouflaged transmitters hidden in objects of daily use or in body-worn items. For this, we, PKI Electronic Intelligence GmbH, offer a wide range of micro transmitter modules. For each required operation, we deliver the Module Transmitter for Do-it-Yourself Installation into the respective objects typical for the country.

Power supplyBattery, rechargeable battery, mains
DimensionFrom 20 x 10 x 5 to 40 x 20 x 10 mm depending on performance and desired power supply
MiscellaneousEvery module is insulated or protected with a heat shrink tube. The connecting wires for power supply are embodied, as well as the connected microphone with 10 cm of cable and the antenna. Common camouflage objects are socket outlets, waistbelts, lamps, vases, lighters, mains adapters, etc.
Classification1. Standard module: UHF, 9 V battery, operating range 200 m
2. Remote control module + remote control transmitter: UHF, 9 V battery or mains adapter, 300 m operating range
3. Power transmitter module: UHF, 110/220 V AC, operating range 300 m
4. Telephone transmitter module: UHF, telephone current, operating range 200 m
5. Long range transmitter module: UHF, 12 V battery or rechargeable Li-ion battery, operating range 800 m
These devices match PKI 2220 receiver

Our PKI 2300 Module Transmitter for Do-it-Yourself Installation model leaves nothing to be desired.