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Digital Spread Monitoring System

Product number: PKI 2335

  • PKI-2330-Digital-Spread-Monitoring-System

    PKI 2330 Digital Spread Monitoring System

This Digital Spread Monitoring System is an advancement of our Digital Spread Spectrum Audio Kit (same PKI number). With this new device we have managed to reduce the power consumption to 15mA, i.e. now it is possible to listen continuously up to 2,5hrs without the device getting hot. The PKI 2335 Monitoring System is the only answer to tasks where highest security levels are required for monitoring purposes. The digitally scrambled signal is nearly impossible to decode and furthermore it will be transmitted on special frequencies spreaded over a wide frequency band. An unwanted listening to this transmission is therefore totally impossible. A micro controller inside PKI 2335 allows to manage all the programming parameters of the controlled electronics by providing several additional features through the multifunction connector.

The dimensions of the PKI 2335 Digital Spread Monitoring System are really small compared to other reception systems on the market. The receiver allows you to handle and control it with just one hand and to carry it in your pocket.

Rx dimensions48 x 90 x 16mm
Rx power supply9V CC power for charging
Frequency300 - 400Mhz
RF bandwidth> 40MHz
Audio bandwidth6kHz
Receiver sensitivity- 90dBm +/- 1dBm
AudioExternal headphone
TransmitterActive range 250 - 400m in the city
Dimensions15 x 30 x 12mm
Operating time 2,5hrs
Audio bandwidth6kHz
RF bandwidth> 40MHz
Frequency300 - 400MHz
Power consumption15mA