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Remote Control System

Product number: PKI 2345

  • PKI-2345-Remote-Control-System

    PKI 2345 Remote Control System

PKI fights against crime and terrorism by supplying tactical solutions for law enforcement, intelligence agencies and military who daily risk their lives in making the world a safer place for everybody. The PKI 2345 Remote Control System is an advanced and feature-rich wireless remote command and control system for switching on/off various types of equipment such as audio/video transmitters, high current light consumption devices or any other special items. The PKI 2345 Remote Control System is available in different power versions and also as special version with response. The corresponding micro receiver with potential-free outlet activates devices as per customers’ request. The professional wireless remote control activates respectively deactivates electronic devices from a distance of up to 1000m or in special version up to 10.000m with a coded signal. PKI 2345 operates absolutely safely and interference-free to and from other electronic devices. As standard, the PKI 2345 Remote Control System is supplied as a single-channel version. Multichannel versions are available upon request. PKI 2345 A special version 10 channels on request

Switching 1 channelPotential free connection with 100VA breaking capacity
Transmitting frequencyUHF-range, coded
Transmitting rangeUp to 1000m, special version up to 10.000m
Power supplyTransmitter Li-ion accu 800mA receiver Li-Ion accu 500mA
DimensionsTransmitter 140 x 75 x 22m, Receiver 40 x 20 x 10mm
WeightTransmitter 350g, Receiver 125g
SpecialTransmitter including receiver for response and receiver including transmitter for response